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A Holiday Gift Guide for All the Mini Girl Bosses in Your Life

October 29, 2018

Given Daisy’s excitement about and obsession with Halloween, I am already anticipating that we will have a toddler who is very, very enthusiastic about Christmas this year. I personally live for Christmas and have been waiting what feels like my entire life to share in the joys of the season with my children, so, my type-A-ness is in overdrive. I have running lists of Christmas-related ideas for weekend adventures, activities at home, things to bake, decorations to make, songs to sing, books to read, movies to watch – you get it. Equally important to me is the growing gift list. Now, don’t get me wrong: I don’t believe in towering piles of gifts for children that will be forgotten weeks after Christmas. Instead, I spend time curating then paring down a list of meaningful gifts that will help advance learning, teach skills and create memories.


Here are some of the items on this year’s list for Daisy. I encourage you to think of the future girl bosses in your life who might enjoy these picks too!



A Lottie STEM doll


We love this collection of little dolls that represent all ethnicities and interests. The company designs and manufactures dolls based on ideas submitted by little girls, how great is that?! After Daisy was particularly well-behaved last weekend, we took her to a toy store and said she could choose something special. She immediately found these dolls and after careful consideration, decided on a ballerina doll. I love the quality and simple design so much I don't mind adding another Lottie doll or two to Daisy's toy collection. Their STEM line includes a fossil hunter and a stargazer!



New Selections from the Little People, Big Dreams collection

We absolutely love this collection of international bestseller picture books that focuses on important women through history. So far we have about ten and Daisy’s favorites are Rosa Parks, Coco Chanel and Amelia Earhart. Writing and images are perfect for toddler through elementary-aged kids.



Girls Think of Everything: Stories of Ingenious Inventions by Women

This book has been on my wish list for a while and I think we might be approaching the age where Daisy can understand the concepts and the language.


Mega Bloks Building 150-Piece Set

We are big into building these days but Daisy’s motor skills have another year or two of developing before she is Lego-ready. These jumbo blocks are the perfect size for little hands and there are enough in this set to build lots of structures at once or a few tall towers that are just as fun to knock over as they are to build up.


Town & Country Wooden Train Set from Pottery Barn Kids

Daisy has loved trains for as long as I can remember. I loved them too as a little girl and remember having a set not unlike this one that I played with for hours. I loved configuring different routes around trees, mountains and buildings – and imagining who was riding the train and where they were going. I love this classic wooden set from Pottery Barn Kids.


Wooden Toy Workbench from Crate & Barrel

Last year, Daisy’s big gift (and the major addition to her play space) was a gorgeous kitchen set from my Dad which she absolutely loves. This year, I’m hoping to add a tool bench to that space. Daisy gravitates to the tool bench whenever we’re at a friends’ house and it was her favorite station at our old neighborhood play space. I love this affordable wooden set from Crate & Barrel – no garish colors, no plastic so the design is timeless. This is a piece that can be passed down for generations of future builders!




Petit Collage Nesting Blocks from Rose & Rex

Love this colorful set of hollow blocks that can be nested inside each other or piles atop one another to build a tower. The design incorporates animals with corresponding letters from the alphabet too!


Magnetic Dress-Up Set for Career Julia from Melissa & Doug


These magnetic dress up sets remind me of the paper dolls I used to play with as a child – only they don’t rip, they’re wooden and last forever! Melissa & Doug makes a lot of terrific choices for these dolls but my favorite is this set which comes with a wooden stand and 24 clothing pieces to help “Julia” dress up as an astronaut, a firefighter, a doctor, a superhero, artist, rockstar, chef or police officer!




Forget Princess, Call Me Your Honor Shirt

My friend Ashley told me about this site & they have a whole collection of positive, empowering messages for girls - it's a must see! My favorite picks are the shirts and dresses inspired by Ruth Bader Ginsberg and other female supreme court justices who have changed the course of American history.


I could keep going, but, I have to remind myself that there will be many, many more Christmases and special occasions in our family's future :) What is on your list this year? xo

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