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Favorite Fall Recipes

October 16, 2018

I’ve recently realized that fall is, in fact, my favorite of all the seasons. I love fall clothes, fall temperatures, fall activities – and most of all, fall cooking. There is something so cozy and nostalgic about roasting root vegetables in a warm kitchen while the wind whips outside and colorful leaves twirl to the ground outside. My favorite fall recipes are hearty but full of nutrition to help fight the colds that come around this time of year. 


Winter Crunch Salad from Bon Appetit

This salad is an absolute home run even for the pickiest and most kale-opposed eaters. Leafy kale and soft, munchy brussels sprouts stand up nicely to the bright, zippy dressing (which I swear you’ll want to drink straight from the jar). This is a terrific lunch salad that will fill you up all day but can easily be transformed into a dinner entrée salad with a protein (grilled tofu, skirt steak or shredded rotisserie chicken would be great). I often make an adaptation of this recipe to accompany the turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. If you're bringing to work, layer the contents in a mason jar and pack your dressing separately then toss just before eating in a medium bowl so everything gets incorporated. You will make this again and again, I promise!



Cauliflower Salad with Roasted Chickpeas from Martha Stewart

Call me old school, but, I still tune into PBS for Martha Stewart’s long-running “Cooking School” show. It’s actually my favorite thing to watch while I’m cooking! Last year, Season Five focused on recipes from the Arabian Gulf and this is one of my favorites from her study of the region. Leave the Jalapeno seeds out if you are spice-averse, keep them in if you like some heat! The roasted chickpeas act as a crunchy (healthier) crouton.


Crispy Roasted Broccoli with Tahini Sauce from Bon Appetit

It’s easy to overlook green vegetables in autumn – we’re all so caught up in butternut squash and pumpkin, steady stars like broccoli are often forgotten. I’m here to say that good old broccoli is absolutely delicious when it’s roasted and heaven help you if you sprinkle it with this dressing – you’ll eat the whole tray of broccoli in minutes. I made this recipe for the first time last weekend and have made it four separate times since!



Oven Polenta with Roasted Mushrooms and Thyme from Bon Appetit

If you want your home to smell like fall, leave your pumpkin-scented candles at the door and get this in the oven. THIS is what fall should smell like – garlic roasting away in the oven with its juices running in and around beautiful amber-colored mushrooms from the farmers’ market. This is rich, deeply flavorful and still vegetarian - and it’s the easiest polenta recipe you’ll ever find! Make a big batch on Sunday and heat up as a side dish all week long.


Slow-Cooker Curried Butternut Squash Soup from Eating Well

As you might notice from this list, I tend to stick to "old trusty" resources for recipes and cooking advice. Eighty percent of my cooking repertoire was learned from Martha Stewart, Bon Appetit and Barefoot Contessa. However, my sweet cousin Lucy has been writing for Eating Well for several years now and I've become fond of their healthy take on culinary trends and seasonal favorites. This low and slow approach to a classic fall soup is not to be missed.



What are your fall favorites?! Happy cooking everyone ❤


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