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I started this blog as a way to stay connected with friends and family after Daisy was born and it has now become a home for musings on everything from our favorite family recipes, books, travel destinations and, ultimately, my quest to balance work, life, self-care and family - all while staying grateful. Happy reading!

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A Daisy Update!

October 10, 2018

I am pleased to report that as of today, Daisy has just 21 days left in her cast, followed by 14 in a brace, then, FREEDOM! This last surgical intervention (which happened on September 21) went much more smoothly than the first. Daisy’s surgeon found the right hip to be much more stable than the left which meant no pin was required to place the hip in the socket. Her recovery has been much smoother as well – the day after she returned home from the hospital, she stopped asking for pain medication.  Daisy also recently had an ultrasound to look at the fontanel plates in her head which have been closing more slowly than doctors would like. The scan showed no cause for concern, fortunately.


Daisy’s wonderful school, Montessori Seeds of Education, encouraged us to send her back to school after this hip surgery and we are so grateful they did. We drop her special chair off every Monday and pick it up every Friday and her teacher reports that the older kids in the Toddler classroom find great joy in bringing various works to Daisy's table and pride in making sure she has enough to keep her occupied. The distraction of school has truly been the most perfect antidote.


Every day when I retrieve Daisy from school, she is sitting in a teacher’s lap surrounded by children who are telling her stories or playing little games with her. She screams with excitement as soon as she sees me crossing the parking lot and when I sweep her into my arms, she always says (like clockwork) “Mama I school today! I play with my friends and its awesome!” I can’t really express how proud I am of this little bundle of energy who loves school with all her heart. As we leave, she always leans over my shoulder shouting “Bye guys! See you at school tomorrow! Bye!” while waving and blowing kisses. She is such a happy kid.


Lately Daisy is working on learning the alphabet and colors. She can count to fifteen (though she sometimes chooses to rearrange or skip numbers) and can identify some letters on sight. She has expressed interest in learning how to write her name and so far knows that there are five characters so she’ll squiggle a little bit, make a space, squiggle a bit more until there are five squiggles – then she proudly announces “DAISY!” Her favorite activities in school are painting and singing. Every day her backpack is chock-full of interesting art she has created at school.



Daisy has surprised us with her complete and utter fascination with Halloween this year. Up until now, she has never shown much interest in holidays so we haven’t gone out of our way to decorate or plan activities around them, but, Daisy made it known early in September that she was very interested in Halloween. She seems particularly curious about scary things – or as she calls it “spooky stuff.” She has convinced us to take her to the local Halloween pop-up store twice now. She likes to peruse the kid section then peer around the corner at the scarier things like masks and props. Our local store also has a mini-haunted house which she likes to look at before fake-screaming and hiding in our shoulders. Most days we walk through the neighborhood and Daisy squeals with delight pointing out the pumpkins and Halloween decorations she sees along the way.


At long last, Daisy seems to really be settling into the “big sister” role. She is always excited to see Ella after school and regularly asks to hold her so she can look at her face up close and give her kisses. When she sees something scary, she says “it’s okay Ella!” which makes me puff up with pride knowing her protective instinct is kicking in and even at this young age, she’s already thinking about how her sister may be feeling. She has such a loving heart and nurturing spirit, I couldn’t be prouder of the role model and friend she is becoming for our little Ella.


That's all for now - sending love from our family to yours ❤


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