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I started this blog as a way to stay connected with friends and family after Daisy was born and it has now become a home for musings on everything from our favorite family recipes, books, travel destinations and, ultimately, my quest to balance work, life, self-care and family - all while staying grateful. Happy reading!

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Resolutions for the New Year & Things To Look Forward to in 2018

January 9, 2018

It should not surprise anyone who reads this blog (or knows me at all) that I love the concept of making resolutions around the new year. I love to set goals AND I love to make lists, so, resolutions are right up my alley. In recent years I have recognized the importance of setting resolutions that are inwardly-focused, attainable and celebrate what I already have.



We welcomed the new year in Saratoga Springs, visiting dear friends from my college days, and together we started making our resolutions lists. Nick’s resolution was simple: to be less grumpy. I’m in full support of that one. It’s easy to get stuck in a grump pattern with the pressures on us as working parents and partners. My resolutions are, unsurprisingly, more elaborate and verbose:


  1. Do everything I can to facilitate a healthy pregnancy and full-term delivery in June.

  2. Work every day to achieve a balance of self-care, focus on my family and my career.

  3. Try Pilates, continue yoga and stay active every day – even as pregnancy makes it harder and more uncomfortable.

  4. Continue cooking and eating clean whenever possible, and try one new recipe per week.

  5. Unplug for an hour before sleep and read every night.


Generally speaking, we are hoping this year will be calm and slow. The last several years have been chock-full of chaos between illnesses, job changes and moving. In 2018 we hope to quietly enjoy each other’s company, nest and welcome new baby. There are a few things I’m particularly excited about:


Thing I am Looking Forward to in 2018

  • Starting a new job at the end of January! I’ve been recruited by another technology company based in Philadelphia to join their organization as Director of Global Proposals. I am really sad to leave my current employer but this is a great career opportunity. I have been hired to help this company reposition their business model which is being challenged by fierce competition and to freshen their messaging to the marketplace. I will continue to work from home three days a week which allows me to be close to Daisy’s school and spend less time commuting and more time focused on family when I’m not working.

  • In March, Nick and I are going to Iceland for a week and I cannot wait to explore the natural beauty this country has to offer and enjoy uninterrupted time with my love. We haven’t been away together since our honeymoon so I surprised Nick with this trip as a Christmas gift. We’ll be off-roading through the fjords, visiting waterfalls and geothermal spas, horseback riding and snowmobiling across glaciers (well, I might have to sit that one out – we’ll see what the doctor says).

  • I cannot wait to welcome a new baby into our family. We are ready to expand our brood and have so much love to give. Daisy is ready to be a big sister and to learn how to take care of others. We really want our children to be close in age so they can attend school together and develop close friendships.

  • Gardening! I cannot wait to get back to gardening, a passion of mine that took a backseat while we were urban apartment living. We purchased our new house from a couple who loved to be outside and spent decades creating a sustainable ecosystem of flower and vegetable gardens and water features that attract butterflies, birds, bunnies – you name it. The grounds are absolutely gorgeous and full of color and life. I look forward to maintaining and expanding on the beautiful work they started.

  • Seeing dear friends get married. We have some wonderful close friends who are marrying incredible people this year and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate them.

  • Finally, I am looking forward to slowly updating our home. We are looking at this home as much more of a long-term residence than an investment so we plan to take our time making changes and improvements. We’ll start with cosmetic changes like painting (god bless the former owners – they were good at lots of things but I fear they were both color blind?), removing popcorn ceilings and carpets, refinishing floors and replacing light fixtures. Down the line, I hope to completely update the kitchen and master bathroom. For now, though, we love the house just as it is – spacious and full of character.


Would love to hear your resolutions and what you are looking forward to in 2018 (I need to figure out how to activate comments on my page in the new year! Eeep!). I hope this year is full of love, good health, prosperity and adventure for each and every one of you.


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