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Some Words on (Not Just) Morning Sickness

January 11, 2018

When I was pregnant with Daisy, I hardly experienced any morning sickness. It was pure bliss until the last trimester with her. This pregnancy has been the complete opposite in every way: I have been nauseous every second of the day since the very beginning. Like so nauseous that I have to devote most of my energy to not thinking about vomiting because otherwise it’s all I’d be doing. Now that I’m on Week Fifteen of managing this not-just-morning sickness that has continued into the second trimester, I’ve learned some things that I feel obligated to pass on to fellow mamas.



These tips, tricks and tools have been gathered from doctors, nurse practitioners, friends, family and members of my beloved Fishtown Mamas Facebook group. I found several combinations of these to be helpful:

  1. Ginger anything: tea, candied pieces, gum

  2. Preggo pops and drops – just sugar and essential oils but did wonders for me

  3. Never allow yourself to have an empty stomach – start the day with a handful of Saltines and snack throughout the day so the nausea never has an opportunity to come on

  4. doTERRA Peppermint beadlets

  5. Peppermint tea

  6. Real black licorice

  7. Watermelon Jolly Ranchers (these really worked for me because they’re juicy and so fragrant)

  8. Smelling lemon – lots of moms suggest keeping fresh lemon on your desk at work and kitchen counters so you can take a sniff when you feel queasy

  9. Blueberries

  10. Ginger syrup mixed with seltzer

  11. Drink fluids before or after meals but not with meals

  12. Removing fluoride from your diet

  13. Drinking coffee if you don’t usually (under 200 mg day) or for some moms, eliminating coffee

  14. Papaya enzymes (available at Whole Foods)

  15. Pear juice

  16. Lavender essential oil

  17. Using a ginger-scented roller ball

  18. Nux Vomica which is a homeopathic anti-nausea antidote sold by Borion at Whole Foods

  19. Class A Medications approved for expectant mothers: Diclegis, Reglan, Zofran or a combination of Unisom and B6 (which is what worked best for me)


One of the most important things that Kerri, my NP, told me is that I shouldn’t over-stress about what I’m putting in my body during this period. Yes, it’s important to eat as healthy as you can but it’s even more important to EAT, period. Something. Anything. Just eat whatever you can keep down.


For partners of moms with morning sickness: be understanding. We’re not being over-dramatic – it really does suck this badly. We don’t want to be sick anymore than you want to hear us complaining. Sympathy helps. Also, know where crackers and candy are at all time so you can offer up an antidote when we’re suffering. Nick was great about making sure our bedroom and car were always stocked with Saltines, water and ginger candies and it meant everything that he could quickly offer a solution to a severe episode of nausea. He also rubbed my back and held my hair when I was vomiting which made me feel like he was in the trenches with me. Love is being there for your partner even through the gross stuff.


It is my sincere hope that no one who reads this blog will ever experience severe nausea in pregnancy but conversation with fellow moms suggests this is a hopeless wish. So, should you find yourself fighting this battle, I hope this list will help, even just a little. I’m cheering you on and sending a gentle reminder that there is, eventually, an end in sight and it really is totally worth it.

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