Hi! My name is Emily and I'm a writer, a wife to Nick and mother to two very sweet little girls named Daisy and Ella. We live in a quaint little town outside Philadelphia, PA, with our two black lab sisters.


I started this blog as a way to stay connected with friends and family after Daisy was born and it has now become a home for musings on everything from our favorite family recipes, books, travel destinations and, ultimately, my quest to balance work, life, self-care and family - all while staying grateful. Happy reading!

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Quick Hits with Daisy #3

May 18, 2017

The last month has been, without a doubt, the best of motherhood thus far.  Daisy's personality seems to get bigger by the day – she laughs at everything and her giggles are the sweetest sound in the world. She is still the busiest person I know and keeps Nick and I in stitches around the clock with the funny things she does. She is obsessed with our dogs, Noni and Reno, and is learning how to pet them gently (instead of poking them in the eye) and engage with them in a friendly way. Daisy is now quite mobile, cruising around the living room using just one hand to steady herself, and from the moment she opens her eyes in the morning until the moment she finally gives into sleep she is moving.


Daisy is starting to become more comfortable around strangers. Our nanny, Cole, takes her to the neighborhood play space called Play Arts almost every day for free play and various classes and they attend a music class at least once a week at our community center. Daisy has begun crawling into the middle of the circle at music class to interact with the other kids and play with instruments. She has also developed a fondness for a classmate’s nanny (a voluptuous, big-haired blonde Latina with red lips and red nails) whose lap she crawls confidently into every week without explanation.


Daisy officially uttered her first word(s) on Monday, May 15 and has not stopped speaking them since: “quack quack!” inspired by a book about ducks that her Mamie sent around Easter. She also says “mama” which we think means “I need something” or “please give me a bottle”.




Daisy continues to amaze us with her tolerance of -and appreciation for – sophisticated foods. In the past few weeks her favorites have been lobster, coconut curry mussels and warm focaccia with duck butter and marmalade. Now that she can feed herself, she sometimes gets carried away with her excitement about food, piling all the bites laid in front of her into her cheeks at once then looking at us, unsure of what to do next. We are working with her on chewing and swallowing one bite at a time. She is fearless when it comes to trying things and she can tolerate spicy food up to a medium heat. Like her mom, pickles and ice cream register close to the top of favorites.


Favorite Activities

  • Playing with the keyboard her uncle Fred gave her for her birthday. She likes pressing the “samba” button and dancing to the beat on loop. She was also gifted a drum filled with musical instruments (thanks Killeens!) and she loves banging the drumsticks on just about anything – including mom’s head, unfortunately.

  • Typing – Daisy particularly enjoys contributing to important-looking Word documents on mom or dad’s computers.

  • Her weekly sensory play class at Play Arts around the corner has been a big hit. Class leaders use a changing rotation of media with suggestions for exploration and hands-on learning through engaging the senses. Daisy is a big fan of exploring textures, shapes, weights and dimensions. And, she loves to watch the older kids at play.

  • Dancing to basically every style of music – whether it’s on TV, playing from a laptop or playing on the radio in the car, Daisy loves a good beat and likes to tap and clap and shimmy to just about anything.

  • Morning snuggles in mom & dad's bed. Every morning, when she starts to stir on the monitor, we watch her on video from our bed upstairs as she stares out the window for a while then cruises around her crib before finally calling to us. We scoop her up, change her diaper then bring her straight up to snuggle with us. That first hour of each day, reading books, singing and laughing in bed is often my favorite time of day.



  • People leaving (the room, the house, the floor she is on, etc.)

  • Being stuck in traffic

  • Naptime and bedtime

  • Having her diaper changed (it involves being still, after all)

  • Headbands, hats, hair accessories


Being Daisy's parents is an adventure that somehow seems to get more fun by the day. We cannot wait for her to start walking and really talking - she is babbling so much these days, we know she has a lot to tell us! Stay tuned - hopefully walking isn't far off now ♡

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