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The Best Princess-Free, Feminist (& Anti-Trump) Baby Clothes: Spring Edition

April 4, 2017

As a little girl, I was equally interested in princesses and dinosaurs, castles and rockets, Barbies and G.I. Joes (I was not allowed to own either of those, though - probably for good reason!). I loved a good dress-up session, haphazardly outlining my mouth with lipstick and donning a string of costume pearls, toppling over in the process of trying to stand up straight in my mom’s high heels. With equal pleasure I ran through the woods, climbed trees, chased frogs, dug my fingers into the dirt and captured bugs in jars and nets.


As I continue to build Daisy's closet, I'm not often drawn to clothing with a lot of imagery or messages, but, they seem to be everywhere. I have had a surprisingly difficult time finding clothes that encourage girls to explore in nature or strive to be President. In the "girls" section of stores, dresses are pink and covered in hearts. T-shirts spotlight kissy lips, princesses, bows and demanding phrases like "smile" and "be happy". There is a neverending supply of Frozen paraphernalia and while I love a good rendition of "Let it Go" as much as the next person, I can't let my daughter idolize computer-generated heroines with 36-24-36 measurements who live in castles and marry strangers because they're bored. Determined to flip the script, I have searched to the ends of the internet and have found some things I would’ve liked to wear as a little girl.


A dear friend of the family is working on a line of clothes that does indeed flip the script and I am so excited to share her product with you when it's ready. Until then, here's what I've been able to find. Happy shopping!


Note: if anyone is looking for gift ideas for Daisy, you will never, ever, ever not win by giving us something listed here :)



Dinosaur skeleton shirt

White tee with blue dinosaur

Long-sleeved baby dino shirt 
Dinosaur party dress
Dinosaur PJs

Half of T-Rexes Were Girls shirt

Gray & white dino tee

Pink T-Rex tee shirt



Rockets & Space

Blue rocket tee shirt
Pocket rocket shirt
Long-sleeved planets shirt
Cat astronaut shirt

Future astronaut shirt

Space t-shirt dress

Science Trapeze Dress

Airplane Dress


Strong Feminist Messages

Bravest of Them All tee

Nevertheless, She Persisted onesie

Forget Princess, Call Me President

The Chemistry of Me tee

Artist At Work tee

Always Be Brave tee

Yes I Can tee

Pizza Rolls Not Gender Roles

My Future is Bright

Trample the Patriarchy Unicorn Onesie

Smart and Strong tee

Future President tee

Make America Kind Again tee

Supergirl sweatshirt


Cool Accessories

Apatosaurus Ribbon

Rocket Headbands

Dinosaur Purse


After publishing this post initially, my childhood best friend sent me this link and I had to share. I'm not alone! If girls are dressed in lower quality, more expensive, clothes with messages telling them to "smile" and "love" and "be happy" all the time, while boys are in lasting fabrics that cost less and are emblazoned with messages like "be brave" and "adventure", how can we expect to resolve gender equality as we grow older? Food for thought...

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