Hi! My name is Emily and I'm a writer, a wife to Nick and mother to two very sweet little girls named Daisy and Ella. We live in a quaint little town outside Philadelphia, PA, with our two black lab sisters.


I started this blog as a way to stay connected with friends and family after Daisy was born and it has now become a home for musings on everything from our favorite family recipes, books, travel destinations and, ultimately, my quest to balance work, life, self-care and family - all while staying grateful. Happy reading!

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An Open Letter to NICU Nurses Everywhere

June 29, 2016

Thank you for your gentle bedside manner. For knowing how to decode and translate the scary test results and clinical information so it falls more softly onto the ears of frightened parents.

Thank you for letting me hold my baby so soon - maybe before the doctor would’ve officially green lighted it - because you knew we needed to touch each other. 

Thank you for showing us how to safely bathe our little Daisy, shielding her eyes with your hand so she wouldn’t get soap in them. 

Thank you for teaching us how to place an NG tube in a manner least painful to our baby and practicing it with us over and over again until we felt completely comfortable going home. 

Thank you for your cheerful faces and corny jokes after disappointing meetings with doctors.

Thank you for knowing when to leave the room and when to stay.

Thank you for empowering us when we were underprepared to welcome our child so soon. You made us feel confident with our new baby.

Thank you for showing us how to expertly swaddle our little lady and make her feel like she was back in the womb.

Thank you for remembering our names and making us feel like the only patients you ever work with.

Thank you for remembering our baby’s name and knowing what makes her tick and when something is wrong.

Thank you for your long hours in a hospital unit without much natural light that smells like antiseptic and diapers.

Thank you for hearing my baby’s cries and cradling her in your arms during the night when I could not be there.


Edith, Nancy, Jessica, Maria, Fran, Sarah, Meghan, Maureen, Melissa, Beth, Lindsay - we may forget your names someday but we will never forget your kindness. Thank you for loving my child - and all the children - like your own. 

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