About Me:


My name is Emily and I am a writer, a wife, and mom to Daisy and Ella. I also manage a global proposal team for a technology company based outside Philadelphia. My daughter, Daisy, had a difficult journey into this world but she has astonished us all with her progress and continues to be a medical mystery.


I originally started this blog to keep family and friends updated on Daisy's prognosis but I have decided to continue it now as a place to share my adventure through life with a growing family, balancing a full-time career. Here I post about our favorite travel destinations, parenting resources, thoughts on things like gratitude and our family's favorite recipes and activities.

I love lilacs, fancy sheets, watermelon, the smell of babies, thunderstorms and reading late into the night. I live for adventure and always have a trip somewhere new planned or in the works.

As a mother, I am always evolving and looking for new ideas, parenting techniques and inspiration. This blog has been a wonderful source of new friendship and I welcome your emails with questions and comments. Let's be friends!

Thank you for reading ❤ 

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